Daily Tours, Holiday Activities and Special Requests Tours


Daily Tours

Join our dedicated and knowledgeable voluntary guides on a journey through the rich history of Rottnest Island. For details on the daily tours, just click on the Daily Tours button above. Groups wishing to do a tour should refer to Special Request Tours – Groups section below.


Holiday Activities

During Western Australian school holiday periods, the RVGA’s program covers a wider range of activities and tours. These include daytime bird watching, discovering the beach, seasonal walking tours, and a treasure hunt for children.

There are also evening events such as, Star Gazing, Ghosts, Myths and Legends stories, leisurely evening walks, and a Family Quiz Night. To find out more about these great activities, click the Holiday Activity button above.

Special Request Tours – Groups

The Rottnest Island Authority offers a variety of programs suitable for primary and secondary school students, teachers and community groups.

Special Request Guiding for schools, organisations and groups can be arranged by contacting the Rottnest Island Authority by clicking on the Special Request Tours button above. This link will take you to the Rottnest Island Authority’s website, which provides additional information.